5 reasons Why Accounting firm requires a website in 2021

5 reasons Why Accounting firm requires a website in 2021

In this modern world, your customers expect to be able to find information about your company online. In fact, most consumers now do research online before they make a purchase. If you don’t have a website, you are sending a message that your business is stuck in the dark or that you are not interested in finding new customers. Well, you don’t want to send any of these messages right. Now, make your professional website to bring your business online. A professional website meets customer’s expectations.

The field of accounting bookkeeping, CPA and many more has come a long way from maintaining the finance of customers in ledgers to the invention of highly advanced accounting and financing software. As the mode of functioning has gone digital, so has the methods to market the accounting services.


SO Why Accounting firm requires a website in 2021? ​- 5 serious reasons

let’s dig into five reasons why every accounting business needs a website, a lot of accounting business owners, they’ve maybe tried it in the past, they may have tried to build it themselves, or have somebody close to them build it, and they weren’t quite sure how to do it the right way. Or maybe they’ve used a web designer in the past, and they didn’t get the full value out of it. Regardless, that’s not a reason to stop and to give up, you definitely need one now more than ever.

1.Full control over online

 Reason number one is that a website is one of the only things that you have full control over online. The other thing is your email list. But if you’re relying 100%, on social media, their algorithms are always changing. And generally every social media platform gives you more organic traffic and reach in the first couple of years of that platform. And then once the platform gets big enough, they’re gonna make you pay to get that reach. That’s happened with Facebook, it’s happening with Instagram. And I’m sure that’s going to happen with future platforms like Tik tok, which is right now probably the best one to go viral on. But if you’re relying on going viral, that’s not a good strategy.

The other thing is some of them, you know, if you try and circumvent the rules, you may not even be doing it purposefully, but they may ban your account if they catch you doing something.

And the most obvious one here is just fake reviews, the platform that has the most strict algorithm for reviews is Yelp, they might only show 10% of the reviews that you get on there, because they think it’s coming from fake accounts or accounts that don’t have enough activity. On top of that those review sites are going to show the negative reviews and your website is the place where you can counteract that with better high quality reviews that are real.

2. Create Your Own Brand

 Since we work with local contractors, one thing that we found is that so many people find a local contractor through offline marketing most frequently, that’s through lawn signs or trucks, you know, they see you working on a job in town, they remember your name, maybe they know the company name. So they’re going to search for your company name, even if you’re not getting that generic search traffic for the service.

But if people search for your company name, you want your website to show number one on that search result. So they’re not going to those third party platforms where you might have those negative reviews, and then your website is going to obviously link out to every other property that you’re set up on. So it’s really the hub of your entire online presence.

The fact is, most people that leave reviews are going to leave negative reviews, the people that want their voice heard, because they had a bad experience, they’re way more motivated to leave review than somebody that had a good experience. So on top of counteracting those negative reviews, and maybe telling the real story of what happened, you need to proactively generate positive reviews, you can get the text reviews on the other websites. But even better than that is a video review that you can embed on your own website, that’s going to be way more trustworthy than somebody just leaving a couple lines about how they hate you. And beyond that, instead of just having a generic business description field or something like that that’s on like a Facebook profile, you can tell the full story of your business, you want your about page to have pictures of your team, how the business started, what you’re good at how long you’ve been in business, where you do jobs that, you know, you can say that a lot more in depth on your website, and also design around that content. So it looks great, people love stories.

So that’s the best way to build trust, you’re definitely gonna get that boost and trust if you link your online branding and your offline branding. So if on the website, you have images or videos of you and your team, and you know you’re in front of your truck, you got your logo, you might have an embroidered polo shirt with your logo, maybe you’re talking to a homeowner, those are all the signals that people are going to use to figure out whether or not they want to contact you.

3. information 24x7

people nowadays, they don’t want to have talk to a person to get the information they want to get as much as they can from the website. And they might be busy during work hours where they can’t contact you when you’re available. So why wouldn’t you have that information accessible to everybody 24 hours a day.

The other great part about this is that you can point people to the website, if they ask a question or you can generate content, when you get similar questions, every business is going to get the same types of frequently asked questions from their customers. And if you turn that into content on your website, either answered on your homepage, services pages, or you write blog posts around how to questions, not only is that going to build up trust with Google, but people are going to be able to get those answers right away and they’re going to be more likely to contact you. And I think every small business owner feels that they’re an expert in their business. yet so many of them don’t share that expertise. They have this scarcity mindset that they don’t want to share their secrets of how they do business.

The reality is, the more you share, the more people are going to be attracted to you. A great example of this across every industry is what a job costs. So if somebody’s searching for a kitchen remodel, they want to know how much does an average kitchen remodel cost. And if you read a post about that, highlighting all the different factors that go into that pricing, and maybe even create a little headshot video like this discussing it that’s going to make that person feel confident that you’re giving them an accurate quote, you’re not trying to gouge them and charge them way too much. You know, everything comes back to trust and This is another way to build trust on your website.

4. organic traffic over time

As long as you build authority within Google and you stay active, you’re going to be able to get free traffic from people searching for those generic keywords. Like I said before, if somebody is searching for kitchen remodeler in your area, in your state in your county, and your website shows up, you’re gonna get people that didn’t know you before, you know, not through referrals or people that are searching your business name. But people that are looking for a handful of companies, they find you through Google, that’s the type of thing that really grows your business when you start ranking.

Now you have to realize this takes time. And most small accounting business owners expect this to happen way too soon, especially if they didn’t have a website presence before this is going to happen quicker. If you have a website out there already. And it’s on the same domain, it’s been there for a few years, it’s also going to happen quicker. If you have reviews and content on other social platforms. The number one factor that goes into this is links when it comes to small businesses, this means getting links from local organizations, associations, the more you network around your area, and the more of an impact you have in your community, the easier is going to be to get these some of them you might have to pay for you know, it might cost you 100 or $200 a year to join a local business organization and get listed in their directory.


5. Paid traffic

This is for people that want to advertise. And I think that the most important thing with advertising is setting the expectation. This is another area where accounting businesses that are just getting set up think that paid ads are an easy button for getting new business. That’s not the way it worked. Especially if you don’t have those trust signals across the website and other platforms online, you’re going to want to start there before you get into paid ads. But once you have a presence, then adding paid traffic as another marketing channel is a good idea. I have the most experience with Google search, people searching for phrases like accounting firm near metop 10 internal audit firms , chartered accountant near me that kind of thing, you can test sending them to your home page. This is another reason why it’s important to have a website you can test different designs for landing pages, see what has the highest conversion rate. To do that, you’re going to need to have Google Analytics installed or some kind of tracking software to see how people interact with the website once they land on there. I hope you realize that it’s very important to get your website set up. Most small business websites are created with WordPress

lilting on google


By doing this there are more chances that you can get more clients in your local area and for this purpose you need to have a personnel website so aht your clients get the most information about your business firm at once and which will create good relation with your clients.

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