6 strategies to build a bigger business for an accounting firm

12 strategies that every accounting firm every bookkeeping firm should be using to build a bigger business

You have an accounting firm but you are striving to scale it make it bigger and tried a lot of techniques to scale it but those techniques didn’t work well
so in this article, I will share with you 6 proven strategies that every accounting firm every bookkeeping firm should be using to build a bigger business.

1.Advertising or pay per click

In the old days, it was all yellow pages adverts and newspapers and advertising in those days wasn’t very successful. It wasn’t always a good return on investment. These days, things have changed because we now have pay per click. we are still not a big fan of adverts in paid newspapers, trade magazines, but of course test them but pay per click and work very well particularly Facebook ads, which is the best one. we use it extensively and it’s very successful.

2. Writing blogs and articles.

 Either writing articles for a magazine, or blogging is for a blog post, make sure that you create content, particularly if you’ve got an expertise or niche in particular sector, you want to build up your profile you want to people to see you as the expert. So make sure you build that into your list of marketing strategies, writing articles regularly a blog post.

3. Video marketing,

Make sure you create a YouTube channel. Why do I think this is important for the accounting profession? Very simple. We’re in the relationship business. Clients are clients of yours because of you, they love you. They love working with you. And so we want to make sure that when we’re looking to win new business, we want to make sure that we are communicating our passion, energy, our enthusiasm, you’ve got some real knowledge, you’ve got a personality, and video, having a YouTube channel allows you to get that across to potential clients in a way that most traditional marketing cannot do. So consider that.

4.Social Media

It is other than perhaps referrals. This one is one of probably one of most powerful. There are so many social media platforms that you can use to win clients, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, whether it’s whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter, it’s such a powerful way for you to take your content, your expertise, your knowledge to get it out there. There’s no cost with social media. And what you’ll do is you’ll build up your personal brand, build up your reputation by adding value, some of those people will reach out to you and they will eventually become clients. So you need to have a social media marketing strategy.

5.Direct response.

you want to make sure you build up your list, this is your database, your prospect database, you want to have as bigger list of qualified leads as possible. Because if you can build a list of 1000 potential clients or 10,000, then it becomes much easier to systematically convert them into clients. If you’re going to run a speaking event, for example, and you’ve got a list of 1000 people to invite, there’s a good chance you might get 50 to 100 people show up. And then you may convert a worthwhile number into clients. But if you haven’t got a list, you’ve got nobody to invite to your marketing events. So you want to build up a list. And you do that through what’s called direct response marketing.

In other words, you create something that’s valuable to people, it could be an eBook, it could be some sort of content, could be some checklists, some systems, you create something of value, and you create what’s called an opt in page, sometimes called a lead page or squeeze page, it’s a page where people put in give you that their name and email address to grab the thing that’s free. It’s powerful, because you’ve now pre qualified them. Because if for example, you create a resource and eBook on the 10 most powerful tax strategies for business owners, anybody that gets that, you know, as a business owner, and be as interested in powerful tax planning strategies, therefore, you can you know that your right client, and you can then send the future marketing material of that type to those people. And what you then do is you use that to collect email addresses, you use it to build up your email list to collect your leads, very, very powerful. And these days, very easy, inexpensive software, allow you to create opt in pages to transfer the email addresses into an email marketing system.

6.Email marketing

As you build up your database, your your list, make sure that you have a strategy to keep emailing those people. What should you email? Well, you should email mainly stuff that’s valuable send them valuable stuff are calls. And if you’ve done things like blogs, or you’ve done videos on YouTube, send those to them send them valuable stuff. But every now and then you can sell. It may be that you’re running a tax update event, it may be you’re running a webinar, it may be you want to invite people in to have a meeting with you, which you would then use to turn him into, hopefully a client.


Hopefully you found that valuable if you’ve had if you found if it’s something new there that you’re not yet doing and you are going to do let me know by commenting below.

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