How to create a winning marketing plan for Accounting firms

How to create the best marketing plan for Accounting and CPA firms

If you’re like most accounting firms, your greatest opportunity to grow revenue resides with your existing clients. I’m going to show you how to:

educate your clients

generate more intelligent conversations,

and uncover additional needs

and grow revenue for your firm all automatically.

Educate your clients

I’m a big believer in sales through education. As an accountant, you have a wealth of information on tax and financial planning that can help all of your clients. And each time that you communicate a valuable nugget of information, there’s a high probability that it’ll lead to demand for additional services. For example, if you educate me on research and development tax credits, and I have a software company, I’m probably going to ask for your help and applying for those credits. Unfortunately, most of that information you have gets communicated during infrequent one on one meetings. And there’s only so much that you can cover in just one meeting. Ideally, you should be educating each one of your clients on a regular basis all year round. And by educating clients on different topics all year round, you’re able to avoid turning on the firehose of information in just one client meeting. So let’s talk strategy. You already have the email addresses for each one of your clients. I suggest sending one or two emails a month to each one of your clients. Each of those emails needs to cover a specific financial topic and be relevant to the needs and interests stage in life or situation of each client. If your emails are not relevant, they won’t get read. But if they are relevant, your client will open and read them.

Generate more intelligent conversations,

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Digital Help Store, we send emails on behalf of accounting firm clients. And here’s a typical email that we send. First, the emails about one topic is clear and concise. Within two seconds, you can understand what the emails about this particular emails about the 20% pass through deduction. So if I’m a business owner, this email will resonate with me. The email has a short introduction about the pass through deduction with a button to learn more. When sending emails, you want to measure engagement by tracking, click throughs. If we put all the information about the pastor deduction in the email, we would never know who was truly interested in the topic. But by giving a short introduction with a button to learn more, we can track who is interested in this specific topic. This is really powerful for context segmentation. If someone (your client) clicks to learn more about pass through deduction, we might want to automatically Mark his contact record in our sales and marketing CRM with the term business owner or pass through deduction. It helps to better segment your clients for future emails, or to simply identify which clients have which interests in the future. Notice that we use the word short three minute video in the introduction. Well, the introduction is a teaser. You want to pique their interest while minimizing the time and effort required to consume the information. Three minutes is a short amount of time to invest in videos are generally more interesting than than straight text. The Learn More button should take the recipient to a landing page or to a blog.

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So here’s an example landing page that we use. First, notice that we’re using video to educate the recipient. As I said, I’m a big believer in using video because it’s an engaging and easy way to communicate or to convey complex topics. And with video, you’re able to keep somebody’s attention for a much longer period of time. Typically, our videos are no longer than three to five minutes in each covers one specific topic. They’re meant to provide an enough information for the recipient to clearly understand the topic and how it might apply to them. But not to provide a full dissertation or replace a call with you their accountant. You want to provide readers with a path to learning more.

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below the video we offer a white paper with more information, but what you really want is for the recipient to contact you. You’re the true path to learning more. So below the video is a let’s talk section. The recipient can call you or they can reply to the email that you sent them or they can fill out the form which immediate gets sent to you. And that’s how we generate intelligent conversations. With this strategy, you’re sending an email to your clients about specific topics that can add value to their lives. You’re sending one or two emails a month, and staying top of mind. Your clients can read your blog or watch your video and get a solid overview of a topic. Your client can then decide whether or not it’s a fit for them, and whether or not they want to engage with you on that topic. And then it’s super easy for them to get in touch with you. That’s really the easiest way to stay in touch with your clients stay top of mind, educate them and generate more conversations, which lead to better serving your clients while generating more revenue for your firm.


 If you would like help with marketing for your accounting firm, be sure to check out Digital Help Store. If you have any questions, just post them in the comment section below and I’ll answer them.

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